About the Region

Sarapiqui is located in the northern part of Costa Rica, a county of the province of Heredia, previously home to the Votos Indigenous group. Sarapiqui is one of the richest regions in Costa Rica, in terms of biological diversity, although it is one of the poorer regions, economically speaking, in large part due to the prevalence of large scale agro monocrops like bananas and pineapple.

Despite large-scale deforestation, Sarapiqui still protects some of the best-preserved premontane rainforest in the country. You can visit the Braulio Carrillo National Park, la Selva Biological Station, Rara Avis, Selva Verde, el Bejuco, Lapa Verde, la Tirimbina, or Chilamate Rainforest to get a taste of the impressive biodiversity of the rainforest.

The area is also home to many rivers, including the Sarapiqui River, that originates between the Poás and Barba volcanoes and runs for 85 Kms to the San Juan River, the border between Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Thirty five kilometres of the river are used by paddlers of all levels from all over the world since it can be run all year long and is easily divided into three skill sections. Starting with 1200 feet of altitude and a flow volume of 1,300 ft3/second, twelve kilometres run through an impressive canyon with some of Costa Rica´s best paddling, big waves, technical rapids and pure white water followed by a long section of adrenaline filled scenic paddling class III and IV where you can take out at Chilamate when the altitude starts to drop to 100 feet and the flow rate lowers to 5,000 ft3/second, perfect for a safari float or kayak lesson, for any age.  _NIK6909 Kopie

Close by you can also run the Rio Volcan, the upper Rio Pozo Azul, the Rio Toro, Rio Sucio, Rio Chirripo Norte, Rio Toro Amarillo or Rio Patria, among others!

Sarapiqui offers a wide range of restaurants and activities including zip lining, whitewater rafting, trekking, educational tours, and much more.

There are a number of activities to do at and near the retreat to meet the needs and wants of every visitor. We are happy to arrange reservations and other needs for whatever you would like to do during your stay in Chilamate.

Activities around the Retreat:

Trails in our Private Reserve, Chilamate Jungle
Visit to Organic Demonstration Farm, el Paraíso
Visit to Lago Jalapa
Costa Rican Campesina Cooking Class
Ethnobotany Walk Curaré
Chocolate Tour Best Chocolate
Night Walk in Chilamate Rainforest Eco Retreat
Tropical Duckies Kayaking
Whitewater Rafting or Safari Floating on the Sarapiqui River
Coopesarapiqui Coffee Tour
Snake Garden Wildlife Center
Tirimbina Rainforest Center
La Selva Biological Station (Organization for Tropical Studies)
The Nature Pavillion Nature Park
Motor Boat Tour along the Sarapiqui River
Vanilla Spice Tour
Whitewater Kayaking or Rafting by Selva Whitewater
Whitewater Rafting and Canopy  Zipline by Aventuras del Sarapiqui
Horseback Riding and Canopy Zipline at Hacienda Pozo Azul