Hostel Rooms Jungle House Lodge

The main floor of the Jungle House Lodge has six rooms equipped with bunk-beds to sleep up to forty people, mens and ladies bathrooms, a kitchen, and shared common areas. The Jungle House Lodge is perfect for receiving student groups, volunteers, or travelers looking for budget accommodations. The Lodge backs on to the rainforest reserve and is just up the hill from the Sarapiqui River so it is an ideal location for nature lovers, birdwatchers, or anyone interested in immersing themselves in the beauty of the rainforest.

Prices are listed as follows below. For all of our guests, breakfast and a one and a half hour guided tour of our rainforest reserve is included. Additional services that we offer are lunch and dinner by reservation, a snack/gift shop, and laundry services. We are also happy to make any reservations for other activities you would like to do while in Sarapiqui. Please see our activities page for more information.

The easiest way to support our family run rainforest conservation and sustainable tourism project is by staying with us here at the Retreat as a guest! All proceeds from your visit allow us to continue to work in pro of rainforest conservation in Chilamate, Sarapiqui and in pro of our local community! Thanks for your support!

Prices (includes tax):

For one person: $35
For two persons or more: $29 per person
Children under the age of six do not pay, and for children six to twelve years old pay $12 per child per night.