Screen shot 2014-12-21 at 11.10.24 AMChilamate Rainforest Eco Retreat is a family-run rainforest conservation and sustainable tourism project. From the beginning, we sought out Rainforest Alliance, and their Guidelines for Sustainable Tourism, and applied their best practices to the design and construction of the Retreat, working in harmony with the rainforest, and using recycled materials wherever possible.

Through our participation in the Costa Rican Bird Route, we benefited from two full audits from the Rainforest Alliance and training on ways to improve our business practices, community outreach programs and sustainable practices within the Retreat. We also received training through the Earth University and their program for small tourism projects, Promoting Sustainable Markets (PROMES). From that participation, we received a third full audit from Rainforest Alliance in which we received one of the highest qualifications in the country in terms of sustainable practices.

Chilamate Rainforest Eco Retreat preserves 55 acres of rainforest and the retreat uses solar power, rainwater catchments, natural lighting and air conditioning, and only biodegradable environmentally friendly cleaning  products. The use of these practices maintains the area around the retreat appealing to wildlife, making it easy to spot many species of frogs, birds, and other animals during your stay!

At Chilamate Rainforest Eco Retreat works we work actively in the community and strongly believe that the local community needs to perceive a benefit from the conservation project in order for it to be sustainable in the long term, and ideally, expand in their territory dedicated to conservation. You can help by supporting any of our community projects, purchasing locally made artwork available in our giftshop, doing a tour with one of our neighbors, or even staying at a home stay!

The easiest way to support the family run rainforest conservation and sustainable tourism project is by coming to stay here at the Retreat as a guest! All proceeds from your visit allow for the Retreat to continue to work in pro of rainforest conservation in Chilamate, Sarapiqui and in pro of the local community! Thanks for your support!