World Leadership School Partnership

In 2009 Chilamate Rainforest Eco Retreat began an alliance with  World Leadership School, coordinating collaborative leadership programs in Sarapiqui. These 10-21 day programs begin with the visit of a partner school in the US/Canada and have evolved into long-term sister school relationships helping the schools in the US/Canada as well as locally in Costa Rica make the shift towards 21st learning.

Currently World Leadership Schools partners with 6 local schools supporting in infrastructure projects, teacher training, access to technology, and virtual global learning projects. Infrastructure projects range from playgrounds and basketball courts to library rooms and bathrooms and access to technology and teacher training ranges from international teachers summits to a mobile tablet lab.

Retreat owner Meghan is in charge of all of the logistics of the visits (food, transportation and lodging), the communication and continuity with the local schools, coordinating the global education and technology projects and also coordinating home stays in the different communities which links local families to international visitors in a very powerful way.

Meghan and Davis have seen many conservation efforts fail because there is no local buy-in of the projects. They sincerely believe that the local community has to be involved and benefit from every aspect of their project to ensure that the rainforest conservation is sustainable and will expand in their very critical section of the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor. Their alliance with World Leadership School is one of many strategies that the Retreat uses to support the local community.