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At Chilamate Rainforest Eco-Retreat



Join us September 25th - 26th, 2021

Retirate un fin de semana en el bosque y las aguas de Sarapiqui,

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Respira Yoga Costa Rica & Chilamate Rainforest Eco-Retreat

Septiembre 25th – 26th, 2021


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About Respira

Respira Yoga Costa Rica is a community of wellness advocates who yearn to align all humans to their passions and purpose. We facilitate an atmosphere where you may be free to explore and nourish your body with movement, meditation and plant based remedies.

Valeria Murillo

Valeria Murillo

She was born with a nomad soul, a passionate character, and a strong conviction to be a citizen of the world. Her mission is to remind others of their own light through her own light.

From her first career in Recreation she began to develop physical and emotional awareness in addition to understanding the need in human beings to be in contact with nature and to find moments and spaces of quietness and peace, some years later she was introduced to the path of Yoga, philosophy that is not only her lifestyle but her medicine.

At the age of 21 she began to teach Aerobics classes and other therapies for elderly and it was there that she understood her strong affinity for this population and for guiding people to have a better life. Today in her 30s, with 5 years of teaching yoga to all kinds of people and in different parts of the country the direction is the same, she continues to promote health with activities related to the body, spirituality and holistic health.

In 2017 she became a certified Stand Up Paddle Yoga instructor and since then she has dedicated herself to offering this activity in the northern part of the country and through contact with bodies of water she has been able to release fears that she never believed to overcome and she has also seen the same effect in many people. It is without a doubt the connection with the water that opens the way for her to carry out this retreat.

In 2018, driven by her passion and her interest in Yoga, she opened the doors of Respira Yoga CR, where she has developed as a director and teacher to date. 

Stefanny Castro

Stefanny Castro

A Costa Rican passionate traveler who loves nature, adventure, music, healthy food, yoga, and aerial dance. Has always thought that life is much more than what we see, hear, think and do. She has always been connected to herself but realized about until her mid 20’s when her life change drastically after seeing herself in a endless sadness that was putting out her spark, back then was when she discovered Yoga, firstly to help her feel physically better but later on to remind her the deep connection she’s been always feeling within herself. 

It was 2010 when se entered into the yoga world and her love and passion for it made her pursue the yoga instructor certification in 2017 because she knew this knowledge and life-changing experience is something that has to be shared with others to help them find the light within themselves and have a more connected, conscious and happy life. In 2014 she got involved in the aerial dance environment and her love and passion for this was as strong as the felt with yoga making her go for the instructor certification in 2018. Besides this, she’s a sustainable tourism major and back in 2013 decided to become an entrepreneur creating her own business in academic programs in the outdoors. She loves to encourage people to develop leadership, empowerment, self awareness and love for nature as well as enthusiasm to discover the wonders of life and our planet.

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